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So if you haven’t noticed, I’m mostly a Peter Capaldi and David Tennant fangirl, but that said, I do appreciate Matt Smith.  He was a joy to watch as the Eleventh Doctor, but he just isn’t my cup of tea in terms of men that make me all gooey on the inside.  Not his fault, I tend to have a thing for older, more “mature” men (my husband and I are 15 years apart).  

But I will say that, especially as a photographer, I really love how interesting and captivating Matt Smith is as a subject.  There really IS something about him that catches your attention, something not classically beautiful yet is simultaneously sexy and intriguing.  In a way, he is a kind of combination of some of my favorite things about David Tennant (boyish, joyful, goofy yet serious) and Peter Capaldi (that art school, edgy, experimental but chic type of confidence).  And I love that he’s so enthusiastic in panels and interviews.  Matt Smith seems like a really solid human being.

These are some of my favorite photos of him where he did a proper shoot.  The camera really loves him. It would be amazing to have the chance to photograph him.


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Why are you talking in very short sentences?


Peter Capaldi and costume photographed by Paul Stuart for the Sunday Times

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Basically it’s the socks.

I can hear you, you know.

- This is Clara. Not my assistant, she’s ah, some other word.
- I’m his carer.
- Yeah. My carer. She cares so I don’t have to.


Never thought I’d say scarves are sexy but…this man sure does know how to wear one.

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Hi-res Peter Capaldi - Sunday Times Magazine